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Massage Approach

We do what we love and believe in!


swedish therapeutic sports remedial

Clinical Approach

joints mobilisation, lymphatic drainage


bespoke training to strengthen your body

Welcome to Massage Approach!

My name is Jadwiga. I am a massage practitioner, Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher who has been working in the health & fitness sector for over a decade.

Massage and correctional exercise therapies have been my dedicated practice since 2007, when I saw first-hand how I could use these to improve, recover and condition a person.

I feel blessed for having started out in my career in a sports & fitness environment, where I worked alongside and learned from physiotherapists, biomechanical specialists, massage practitioners and personal trainers.

The results I was getting brought me immense satisfaction. So much so that I decided to take a Master’s degree in Osteopathy. I gained invaluable practical experience treating all kinds of body conditions and injuries: from frozen shoulders to sprained ankles.

My aim has always been to facilitate and optimise a difficult recovery time, whether related to injury or just stress at work.

To achieve a fuller understanding of the strings I could pull to best work on a physique, I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher. Combined with massage therapy, exercise produces incredible results!

Today I design bespoke programmes for my clients that help them heal, shape up or simply relax, whether it’s aesthetic enhancements or helping athletes and patients recover.

The human body is a fascinating piece of machinery that helps us navigate through life. When a single part malfunctions, it gradually affects the whole mechanism.

Working with and on the human body is a never-ending adventure to me! I am here to adjust it, to repair it and prevent it from breaking down.

I hope to see you soon!


  • “Jadwiga is a highly skilled masseur [IS MASSEUR THE RIGHT TERM?] who I have recommended to a number of my friends and would do so to anyone. Whether treating relatively minor niggles or the serious shoulder injury I sustained last year, she has been of crucial importance in helping me regain fitness. She takes the time to listen to you to truly understand the issue and has a wide range of massage techniques at her disposal to get to the root of the problem. Then she has the personal-training expertise to show you exercises (and how to do them correctly) that will expedite the rehabilitation process and help prevent reoccurrence of the injury”

    - Justyn -

  • Very professional and knowledgeable. I have been having problems for few years now and have seen a lot of professionals from chiropractors, physios to alternative medicine practitioners but all of them seemed to be just a waste of time and money. I have been very sceptical to try another therapist but my partner, who is also her client, recommended Jadwiga to me. After two sessions with her I have already seen changes and improvements. My arms did not go numb at night anymore and my body felt different especially during training in the gym. I see Jadwiga every few weeks now and I recommend her to anyone who, like used to me, did not believe that massage can bring any good!

    - Jason -

  • I was struggling to find a therapist in London for a long time. I like deep tissue massage that gives me that “good pain” and I can really feel that my tension is going away. In my country almost all therapist are giving strong massages but to my surprise not so many in UK so when I book a treatment with Jadwiga I knew I finally found who I was looking for!

    - Elena -

  • My friend recommended Jadwiga to me few years ago. I woke up one day in the morning and could not move my head or shoulders. My neck was in constant pain and I could not even sleep. After one treatment I was able to sleep! I could not believe! A few treatments with Jadwiga fixed me completely. Now I see her every time when I need because her treatments always help me.

    - Mariam -

What we do



sports massage, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage



detailed assesment



design exercise routine



massage and exercise routines to mobilise, strengthen and return the body to its proper functioning

Our strengths


Neck pain

Neck stiffness

Back pain

Muscle strain

Shoulder pain

Jaw clenching

Knee pain

Pre and post sport event massage

General relaxation


Post injury recovery

Post- surgery recovery

Scar tissue healing

Shoulder complex related issues

Tennis/Golfer’s elbow

Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome


Sprained ankle



We blend all of the below techniques to deliver treatment that will ease the pain, free up tight muscles, facilitate and promote recovery.

Whether you have stiff neck or low back, the knee that “is playing up”, the shoulder that “doesn’t feel quite right” or just headaches at Massage Approach we will look at it in detail to trace the source of your discomfort and approach it with a treatment plan that suits you.

Deep tissue
Sports massage
Remedial massage
Swedish massage
Myofascial techniques
Trigger Point Release
Therapeutic massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Clinical massage

See below the different locations that we work from and prices attached to it:

30min 45min 60min 90min 120min
£35 £48 £60 £80 £100
E8 4AE
N/A £52 £65 £85 N/A
HOME VISITS N/A N/A £70 £90 £120

*Duration includes consultation, massage and changing time

45 min session

Individual Pilates Lessons

Mat based classes

up to four people

Group Pilates Lessons

mat based lesson ideal for office workers who wants to stay active during lunch brakes


What is that?

To begin your course I need to know more about you. Start up pack includes: Consultation, Nutritional Overview, Postural Assessment, Measurements, Body composition Analysis, Fitness Tests (depending on your goal), Medical history. It lasts from one up to two hours


Individual / One off session

If you just need guidance on your current training technique and regime this is optimal option to chose. I create programme based on information provided by you i.e. what are you doing at the moment? Your goal? Your progress? What in your opinion is going wrong with your training? etc. In 60min session I will instruct and coach you your new routine.


Block Booking

To create successful program I need you there with me 100%. Block booking are for those of you who: are not sure where to start, are new to exercises have a solid goal learn how to use the body optimally train injury free gain confidence

  • your home, your office, one of our locations
  • 500 - 10 session block ONCE a week at £50 per session
  • 400 - 10 session block TWICE a week at £40 per session
  • 350 - 10 sessions THREE TIMES a week at £35 per session
  • 300 - 5 sessions (as many times as you wish in a week)

“Buddy” training

You can train with your partner, work colleague, neighbour, brother, sister… you name it!


Correctional Training/Rehabilitation

He I focus on your posture, improvement, recovery… I combine correctional exercises with manual therapy. That means half of your session you might spend on massage table and the rest doing exercises.


Online training

I meet you once a week to teach you new routine for the current week and track your progress.

30 min start up consultation included


Massage Approach

  •    0203 130 1434

        078 7401 5006

  • Locations

  • Kingsland Road, E8 4AE
  • Ivere Drive, BARNET, EN5 1AS
  • HOME VISITS available

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